Praveen Kumar accused of beating neighbour and mishandling of minor

Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Narain explained:"equally acquaintances advised the authorities regarding the episode.  We're exploring the thing predicated in their own bills.

Image Supply: IANS
Praveen Kumar denied to communicate with social press or query an announcement about the episode.

 Kumar arrived from his automobile and started off minding the bus-driver initially and after he mistreated me.

"He had been within an amazing state.  He thrashed me pushed seven-year-old young child.  I've fractured my hands "

Previous cricketer Praveen Kumar was accused of beating a neighbor and mis-handling a little boy.
"even more actions is going to be obtained so.  The health procedure is done"

The sufferer Deepak Sharma maintained that law enforcement had refused to enroll his own criticism and advised him to tactic greater police whilst the situation is connected to a global cricketer.
Previous cricketer Praveen Kumar was accused of beating his neighbor up and man-handling a little boy.
"Today that the authorities are pushing me to undermine.  I also have begun getting death threats," he said.

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