Jauhar university's 104 bigha land seized in Rampur

On Wednesday day the government also sealed a semi-constructed constructing within the varsity campus within non of taxation.
Jauhar university 104 bigha Property Captured in Rampur
 Of course should they do, then it needs to be accredited from the district government.  Such consent had been shot from the Jauhar have confidence in, operate by mature Samajwadi Party chief Azam Khan."
The district management of Rampur, on Wednesday, captured 104-bigha property in the Mohammad Ali Jauhar college campus over the guidelines of income board court docket at Prayagraj.  The faculty was constructed by Samajwadi Party MP Mohd Azam Khan who's in addition the chancellor of this college.
One among those structures of Mohammad Ali Jauhar college continues to be captured following the Jauhar believe in did not trace that a cess of Rs 1.37 crore to the building of this varsity.
Underneath the Construction Along With Other development Workers Legislation of Employment and Conditions of Service Act 1996, all of buildings, previously mentioned how much is being spent on Rs 10 lakh, assembled in their nation need to pay for per cess of inch percent into the plank which occupies it upon welfare actions for personnel.

 Rampur's district magistrate Aunjaneya Kumar Singh reported the procedure to select the ownership of this property has been launched later having a replica out of the plank of revenue,'' which detected Jauhar have confidence in flouted that the UP Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act even though buying 104-bigha property.
The sales board dad had unearthed rules had been flouted at buying plots of property by a set of Dalit farmers.
He said that"The sales board experienced quashed the arrangement of this Moradabad Commissioner courtroom which had given approval for selling in their property from 2013."

The faculty had been created in 2006.  Pass on in more than five hundred acres, it's powered by Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar believe in.

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