Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mommo 'Challenge, like Whale, is dangerous for kids using WhatsApp chat

Mommo 'Challenge, like Whale, is dangerous for kids using WhatsApp chat

'Mommo 'Challenge, like Whale, is dangerous for kids using WhatsApp chat

Gadget Desk: After the Blue Whale Game Challenge, another challenge to social media is now being infected, which is popular in WhatsApp. It is called 'mamo's challenge'. It is rapidly spreading in countries like Argentina, Mexico, the United States, France and Germany, which raises children to commit suicide. Momo came from the Challenge and found no information about who.

What is Momo Challenge?
In fact, the WhatsApp number was reported in social media, which is described as the Mômo Challenge. Area code of this number belongs to Japan. Whoever sues this number, they commit suicide.
- This is also the Mimo Challenge is a blue whale game and it is also said that suicide people are motivated.
How does it work
According to media reports, initially, users will be challenged to send an unknown number of messages.
- After saving the number, this number will be given a challenge to talk. Once the message is sent, this number will be sent to the user with the most horror images.
After this, some tasks are given to consumers and they are threatened if they do not do so.
How did this come before?
- Buenos Aires Times Last week a 12-year-old Argentine came to suicide. Before her suicide, she recorded her video on her mobile phone.
- The suspect is looking for an 18-year-old man who was involved in the police and introduced with the child.
- Police say they are being deprived, to find the young man her mobile hacked and got chat between the two.
- Police believe that the suicide video of the child to meet the Moma Challenge is asked to be part of the social media.

Save the child's challenge: MOMO Challenge in India has not yet come, but this is spread by social media. So we talked to psychiatrist Anamika Paphival to protect children from this challenge. If he is active in children's social media, take note of him. Describe the kids that they do not hear messages from any unknown number. A change in the behavior of the child, puts himself in his daily activities like eating leaves out of the big change, appears silent, then suddenly puts it with the help of psychologists.